Fish curry with coconut

Fish curry with coconut
Fish Curry Recipe Ingredients
  • Fish ( preferrable white, king fish, pomfeeat etc) 1Kg.
  • Onions 2 Large
  • Coconut half
  • Tamarind( Kodampuli ) 3
  • Green chillies 5 nos
  • Vinegar 2tbs
  • Ginger 1
  • Garlic 3 cloves
  • Corieander seeds 1tbs
  • green chilli 1/2 tbls.
  • musturd seeds 1/2 tlbs
  • Curry leaves 5
Cut Onions, Ginger and green chillies into lengthwise
Mix the above with fish , turmuric powder and vinegar and set aside for 15 mts.
Lighty fry the grated coconut and corriender, and gride it to a smooth paste with corriender seeds and chilli powder.
Add the paste to the fix and onion mix add water, tamarind and curry leaves. ( Amount of water to your preference, normally 2 cups) Heat in meduim flame until fish is cooked.
Add musturd seeds in hot oil and mix with the curry as a garnish